Theia Partners with ThoughtSpot To Deliver Embedded Insight Hub to Enterprises

Theia uses data stories to empower organizations to gain business insight by combining all of their information assets and ThoughtSpot through a single, tailored user experience. Equipping employees with these insights, helps to build a strong data culture and encourages users to make data driven decisions. 


Building a Strong Data Culture with Theia

Theia is an Insight Hub. Information from many sources is required to provide insight to make effective decisions. Theia brings sources together BI platforms, analytics and data visualizations into one experience, so that better, data-driven decisions can be made.

Download your FREE Theia information sheet and learn how Theia can:

  • Bring together analytical assets from different platforms in a single customized user experience 
  • Quickly locate relevant reports and content through a single federated search
  • Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align with corporate branding
  • Build a strong data culture within the organization through an easy to use analytics experience
  • Increase the adoption of BI tools across the business
  • Help organizations create new revenue streams


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"Companies in every sector are seeking to transform themselves to compete in the new digital world by tapping into the value of their data. By partnering with Theia, we can protect organizations past investments in analytics tools and rapidly embed ThoughtSpot into any data-driven application."

Toni Adams, VP of Global Channels & Alliances

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